Sociedad Mexicana Pro Derechos de la Mujer, AC

What is Semillas?

Semillas is an organization that supports women’s groups and indigenous leaders with the common goal of improving the status of women in Mexico. 


Denise Dresser opina

“Women, as Mao said, hold up half the heaven. They maintain order in the universe. They are the glue and grease and ointment and balm. They are the deep roots and flowering trees. They are a social change factor. They are seeds. And because of this, it is our responsibility to help them, with water, sun and air; with the necessary push so that they open their mouths and demand their rights; with the necessary energy to replace resignation with proposals; with all that contributes to the fermentation of ideas and their implementation, to exploring and conquering new territory, to opening minds and also closing doors. Organization by organization, house by house, project by project, initiative by initiative".


Semillas listens to women who have initiative

“Semillas is an organization that believes in me, believes in indigenous women. It trusts that we can make changes for our daughters’ futures, and it listens to women who have initiative. With Semillas I have learned to assert my rights and exercise them.”

Maribel Villalobos from Kari Igomari Niwara (Creel, Chihuahua), the only primary school operating with an inclusive educational program that promotes the active participation of girls in their education. This is also the first school under indigenous control.


Working for dignified and respectful childbirth

Jacoba de Jesús Hipólito is a Purépecha woman. She was born into a large family in the community of Cucuchucho, Michoacán. At 18, she decided to leave her parents and 11 siblings behind to participate in a childbirth course in the community of Cuanajo. She began working as an assistant during childbirths, but she felt she wasn’t sufficiently prepared to handle this task, so she approached the community’s midwives.


What is Semillas?


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